Maximised Independence

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Optional Modules

  • Community Spirit

    Connect with & explore the local community.
  • Communication

    Develop & maintain a range of communication styles & techniques with an emphasis on practical communication.
  • Independent Living

    Develop, expand & maintain the participant’s range of independent living skills.
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Optional Modules

  • Adventure Sports

    Experience, trial & learn a range of exciting outdoor activities in the community.
  • Fitness

    Increase and/or maintain personal fitness levels by participating in individual, team & group activities.
  • Leisure and Recreation

    Participate, enjoy & develop skills in leisure & recreational activities.
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Optional Modules

  • Healthy Ageing

    Actively engage in a variety of strategies designed to increase & maintain a participant’s fitness & health as they grow older.
  • Mind, Body & Spirit

    Engage in a variety of techniques to assist with relaxation, strengthening the body & developing meaningful friendships.
  • Health Awareness

    Gain an understanding & support to maintain a healthy body.
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Optional Modules

  • Visual Arts

    Provides opportunities to learn about, experience & create a range of visual art forms.
  • Creative Arts

    Provides opportunities to design & create art & craft items using a range of mediums.
  • Performance Arts

    Provides opportunities to learn performance skills & attend a range of performing arts.
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Optional Modules

  • Quick Cooking

    Learn how to make quick & easy meals & treats at home.
  • Cooking Essentials

    Provides opportunities to learn the essential skills & techniques of cooking.
  • Classy Cooking

    Learn specialist techniques & experience different cuisines & food cultures.
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Optional Modules

  • Our Environment

    Learn about our environment & strategies for being environmentally friendly.
  • Green Gardens

    Learn how to establish & maintain different garden settings as well as learning to grow & harvest foods & plants.
  • Pets, Animals & Creatures

    Learn more about different animals and wildlife and how to care for and engage with them safely.
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Optional Modules

  • Art Techo

    Provides participants with opportunities to design, create & produce studio art using multi-media technologies.
  • Social Media

    Learn about social media & how to use a range of social media forms.
  • Computers 4 Learning

    Provides opportunities to gain an understanding of how computers work & how to use computers for a range of purposes.
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Optional Modules

  • Home Maintenance

    Develop & maintain a range of basic maintenance skills for use in & around the home.
  • Equipment & Vehicle Maintenance

    Learn & practice a range of equipment & vehicle maintenance skills.
  • Building, Construction & Restoration

    Provides opportunities to gain woodwork skills & create items using these skills.
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Optional Modules

  • Pathways to Work

    Gain the skills & knowledge needed to prepare & look for various forms of work.
  • Volunteering

    Enhance employability skills through volunteer work.
  • Workskills

    Gain work skills through practical activities.
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For parents of adults with a disability who want their child to reach their maximum potential, MyPATH is a new, fully customised learning and vocational pathway that offers choice for growth and independence within the disability services industry.


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Whilst browsing the MyPATH website you are able to construct a custom interest based on the Modules you are interested in.

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