MyPATH is designed to promote independence and to respond to individuals interests and choices using an innovative curriculum framework.

MyPATH is a suite of outcome-focused programs that are supported by an extensive customised curriculum based on best practice research. Each session guides the participant through a range of activities and experiences developed to build and maintain independence skills.

All programs are mapped to align with each participant’s personal goals. The MyPATH customised system enable teachers and instructors to track and to report on an individual’s progress towards achieving their goals.

The methods used to deliver MyPATH focus on supporting every participant to achieve their maximum potential. The curriculum has been developed by teachers with experience working with and supporting people to learn and to maintain the skills they need to access and contribute to their community as independently as possible. Sharing passions with others in a group environment develops a strong peer network that enhances engagement and learning and builds confidence. As confidence grows participants practice their newly acquired skills in their home environment and in their local community.

MyPATH is one of a number of MyPLAN products designed by St Laurence Community Services Inc. to offer a greater variety of choices to people who are in receipt of NDIS funds.

For more information, please download the MyPATH introductory brochure here.

Below is the video produced by St Laurence, How I Want To Live, discussing services provided by St Laurence.

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Making an Interest List

Whilst browsing the MyPATH website you are able to construct a custom interest based on the Modules you are interested in.

To use this feature simply click on the ADD Buttons(1) located under each module. Once you have added a module it will be displayed on the 'My Interest List'(2) in the right hand column.

The contact form on the website will be automatically filled out with the modules you are interested in.