How It Works

  • You can contact St Laurence the Planning & Services Coordinators (PSC) by email, telephone, mail or directly through this website.

  • The next step will be to meet with a PSC to talk about what you would like to do and your goals for the future.

  • The PSC will talk with you about the different pathways available at St Laurence (including fees and charges) and the range of activities or opportunities that are possible.

  • The PSC will work with you to help you to create your MyPATH Support Plan. Your MyPATH plan will show the pathway and choices that you have made.

  • You can review your plan at any time.
how-it-works-panel.jpg Being able to clearly see the options available for my son makes it so much easier
Sarah, Parent

Making an Interest List

Whilst browsing the MyPATH website you are able to construct a custom interest based on the Modules you are interested in.

To use this feature simply click on the ADD Buttons(1) located under each module. Once you have added a module it will be displayed on the 'My Interest List'(2) in the right hand column.

The contact form on the website will be automatically filled out with the modules you are interested in.