• MyPATH is designed to promote independence and respond to individual life choices using an innovative and fun curriculum approach to lifelong learning.

  • MyPATH gives you choice - with 10 Experience and Learning pathways and up to 30 different modules to choose from.

  • MyPATH can also lead to Accredited Courses, Volunteering, Work Experience, Supported and Open Employment.

  • MyPATH has campuses across Geelong and Colac which are easy to access by public transport and learning how to get around safely is all part of what we do.

  • MyPATH introduces a unique person-centred approach through our newly created Planning and Service Co-ordinators who help people find their way through all the choices available.

  • MyPATH Planning and Service Co-ordinators are located in Geelong and Colac.Call to find out how MyPATH can help you on your way (and don’t forget to ask about our great camps and holidays with support!).
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Tammy, client

Making an Interest List

Whilst browsing the MyPATH website you are able to construct a custom interest based on the Modules you are interested in.

To use this feature simply click on the ADD Buttons(1) located under each module. Once you have added a module it will be displayed on the 'My Interest List'(2) in the right hand column.

The contact form on the website will be automatically filled out with the modules you are interested in.